Keeping a tidy, safe property is important when running a business. Prior to considering resurfacing or repainting around commercial property, you might want to look into the true cleansing power of soft washing. That’s because the majority of the time when you see a worn, stained, or darkened appearance to your building it’s in fact due to a bacteria called Gloecapsa Magma, which is carried through the air, lands and grows on surfaces on your property. This infection can continue to grow and eventually cause wear and tear and damage to commercial property. Also by removing slippery mold on walkways, it is much safer to walk on – cutting the risk of slip-and-fall accidents.

Pressure washing services frequently fail to remove the mold, mildew and bacteria that create the unsightly buildup in commercial properties. Soft washing is an economical way to preserve and restore your business. As a commercial property manager or owner, you understand that buildings can get grimy and dirty overtime. Whether it’s from standard foot traffic, harsh climate and storms, or even human factors such as graffiti, regularly power washing a building’s outdoor areas maintains its value and can keep it looking clean and inviting for your patrons.

Power Washing

When it comes to cleaning the exterior of any building or facility, power washing is the safest and most effective method because it takes the best qualities from pressure washing (high pressure) and soft washing (low pressure). Since power washing equipment is expensive and can be complicated to operate and maintain, hiring a professional outdoor power washing service is recommended.

Unlike the pressure washer, the power washer nozzle is equipped with multiple tips which allows the technician to choose which pressure is appropriate. The power washer also utilizes heated water, which is more effective at killing any bacteria in mold and mildew.

Because the power washer uses heat and temperature control, the technician is able to manage how much water pressure is needed to get the job done properly. The 3 key benefits of power washing your commercial property are:

1. Removes  Dirt & Pollution

A power wash can quickly wash away all those years of grime and dirt built up on the exterior. That way, when customers or clients come by, they see a gorgeous, brand-new-looking building. Whether it’s drive-thrus, sidewalks, parking lots, roofs, building entrances or dumpster areas, keep these areas clean and free from debris and stains paints a picture of professionalism. Having a tidy and well-kept property is a great way to look professional and ensure your customers/tenants/employees have a pristine work and living environment.

2. Cleans and Sanitizes Your Property

A professional power wash on your building will yield a safer, fresh looking surface that’s completely sanitized. This ensures that the clean will last longer than the average pressure wash. Commercial properties and townhome communities need power washing because it is extremely important for businesses and communities to have a professional, clean appearance. Without treating, killing, and removing things like mold on the exterior of your property, it could lead to mold spores getting inside, causing illness.  With the right detergents, the mold is treated and killed, and then easily rinsed off with the power washer.

3. Impactful First Impression

You don’t get a second chance to make one! One of the largest benefits of power washing for commercial properties may simply be that having a clean, good-looking building means that you have a building with value. If you decide that you would like to sell the building, having a tidy and well-maintained building will help increase the value for potential buyers.  Curb appeal is an important factor when it comes to buying and selling properties. We all know, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

Power washing can positive affect your consumers’ impressions of your property, well before they even walk through the front door. Commercial power washing services can help maintain the cleanliness of buildings, sidewalks, patios, balconies, parking garages, etc. If you take pride in your business, one of the best things you can do is provide your commercial building with a full, professional power wash.