9 Things We Can Clean With a Pressure Washer For You

There are few things more satisfying than watching a pressure washer blast away built-up grime and debris from outdoor surfaces—in fact, it can be downright soothing to see the results. We love it!


1. Outdoor Tile/Cement

Things You Can Clean With a Pressure Washer

2. Siding

Pressure washing siding
If your vinyl siding is looking discolored or downright dingy, a good pressure-washing session is in order.

3. The Driveway

Pressure washing driveway
Sticky shoes, pounding rain, dripping automotive fluids, and dust kicked up from nearby roadways can leave the driveway dirty and mottled, and can over time actually weaken the surface.

4. The Garage Floor

Pressure washing garage
Even if you’re not constantly tinkering around in your garage, chances are its floor is spotted with oil stains and dirt that have built up over the years. We can give the floor a good cleaning by using the pressure washer at a low setting to apply a degreasing solution.

5. Decks

Pressure washing decks
Have dirt, dust, and debris diminished your deck’s appeal? Pressure-washing can bring it back to life.

6. Fences

Pressure washer fences
An attractive wood or vinyl fence can really amp up your home’s curb appeal, but as the years pile up that fence can collect a fair amount of mud, mildew, and algae. Whether you’re planning on putting your house on the market or you’re just looking to do a spring spruce-up, a pressure-washing can take years off your fence’s appearance.

7. Outdoor Furniture

Pressure washing outdoor furniture
If you don’t have the space to store your outdoor furniture in the garage or a shed over the winter, come springtime it’s bound to look a little rough. Before barbecue season kicks into gear, reinvigorate your patio furniture with a pressure-washing.

8. Garbage Cans

Pressure washing garbage can
All those meat scraps, past-their-prime vegetables, and other smelly debris can really stink up your garbage cans. While this task is tempting to put off, you eventually need to give them a good cleaning. We can make quick work of the chore by using a pressure washer.

9. Garden Paths

Pressure washer garden paths
Moss, algae, and dirt can make your once-tidy garden paths look less than inviting, but we can fix it!